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Fire protection

Based on our many years of experience, we will provide you with comprehensive fire protection services to meet the requirements of Act No. 133/1985 Coll., On Fire Protection, as amended.
We carry out delegated duties to the client
  1. Incorporate your company into the category of activity according to the degree of fire hazard
  2. Establish a fire protection organization
  3. Assess the fire hazard
  4. Provide the training of fire prevention and fire prevention officers
  5. Create fire orders
  6. Create fire alarms
  7. Create fire evacuation plans
  8. we represent clients in dealing with state fire-fighting authorities
  9. we provide regular and continuous service of fire protection (inspection and revision)
  10. Perform preventive control of POs in workplaces
  11. We provide fire patrols and fire assistance at group events
  12. We carry out a review of the material resources of the PO
  13. rent fire equipment
  14. We help solve emergencies
We offer professional fire protection activities
  1. We provide all consultations and advice on fire protection
  2. Perform inspections, inspections, repairs and maintenance of fire protection equipment (extinguishers, hydrants, etc.)
  3. We realize the installation of fire safety equipment (sprinklers, fire ventilation, spare power sources)
  4. ensure the installation of fire stoppers and seals
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