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The results of A1 SYSTEM® services are clearly spoken. Its services provide more than 300 organizations, train more than 50,000 employees annually, and annually perform more than 1,000 audits. Thanks to this, it is one of the leading companies in the field of PO and BOZP on the Czech market. It has achieved its success through the principles of efficiency, economy and efficiency.
Customers can only offer professionalism with guarantees, flexibility, innovative approach and technological maturity. From them, clients draw and get better service and significant savings at the same time.
Company Vision
A1 SYSTEM® is primarily aimed at further development and continuous improvement of services. In the framework of OSH, PO and PLS, it further refines the offer of the simplest and most effective solutions for the prevention of employees' health and the legal protection of employers.
In the area of e-learning, it constantly follows new trends and uses many years of experience for the benefit of its customers.
In general, he wants to be a solid customer service point for every customer, which he considers to be the most valuable asset of any prosperous company.
Company history
The history of A1 SYSTEM®U began in 2005. In 2007, Atelier A1 s.r.o. and in 2013 A1 SYSTEM®
From the very beginning, it has built a reputation for its professionals in terms of effective occupational safety and security services (POs).
The successful A1 LEKTOR® project launched in 2014 was a major innovative initiative of its kind in the field of employee training. Thanks to this project, the company has also become a major player in the e-learning market.